Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Petite Pretties

We came upon what seemed to be a motorcycle trailhead while we were driving through the red hills. It was closed to motorcycles at the time so we walked it instead. It provided some of the most memorable and peaceful hours of the trip. We walked through what seemed to have been burned sagebrush. It gave a stunning contrast to the wildflowers growing around it. I also saw butterflies and wildflowers along the path and stream that I had not seen before. The elk thistle caught my eye, and I was able to identify it later from a field guide of wildflowers. I fell in love with the little woodlandstar. The tiny little blue butterflies as well as others were everywhere along the path. As I looked at these photos of small things along this path and remembered the colors and smells I went again to that grateful place that can turn a day around because of focusing on things for which to be grateful.

I think when we are open to being grateful and praising God for the petite, little things, we are perhaps given more, even if it is only a change of attitude. Don't you just want to pour out and be generous to a humble and thankful person? I have a hunch God can't resist grateful kids!

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