Monday, July 20, 2009

Favorite Trails #4

The Cascade Lake Trailhead was only a couple of minutes from where we stayed at Canyon Village so it was one of our early votes for a hike. We were there before 7 a.m. and started down the path in low fog and clouds. It was a little eerie to be passing through meadows and forests, over muddy creeks, and routes edged in wildflowers new to me. The fogginess along willow-lined muddy creek area kept us looking out for a surprised moose or bison. Talking to each other, making noise, was important to warn wildlife of our approach.

The Sugarbowls and Crimson Paintbrush were incredible in the morning sun. We watched on the hillside as the only other person on the trail approached Cascade Lake to fish. The sun highlighted his fishing line like a scratch across the glassy reflection of the trees in the water. It was a very peaceful morning.

I can tell you with great gratitude that it is a blessing to travel life's path with a partner that sometimes leads, sometimes follows, always encourages, and is trustworthy. Because of the way I grew up I tire of relationships that become possessive, abusive, mean, and disrespectful. My most precious thing at this stage of my life is my TIME. I don't want to waste it doing things I don't enjoy, and being with people I don't trust or like or we do not have shared values. My freedom is precious and I am not likely to give it away and go back into jail. Dancing with my grandchildren, making up silly songs, trudging along a canyon's edge or steep trail with my love is what I crave. We adore each other. I do not feel like I have to protect myself from them. Safety with whom I hang out and risk taking with someone I love...those are treasures worth more than diamonds.


The Lord is my strong Shelter...He guides and protects me.

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