Thursday, July 23, 2009

Signal Mountain Summit Road

The first time we visited Jackson Hole we couldn't get up this road because of closure due to still heavy snow. I had no idea what we had missed. The other thing that came to mind was what you see on the way back down the mountain that you didn't see on the way up. The perspective, light, and revelation change with each turn in each direction. Every panorama is magnificent. I found each of these views of Jackson Lake on the way down the mountain from Jackson Point Overlook. It seemed like every few seconds, as with a sunset, another image was revealed that called for another photograph.

The Snake River sliced its way through the verdant valleys. I just know there were moose hiding down there, but cannot complain as the count was 19 without seeing any from the overlook. Just a slightly different time of year, one month later than the previous trip to Jackson, we had a bountiful experience of new roads, new flowers, new tastes, and many treasures in our hearts and minds to recall of God's beautiful creation.

These are some 'big' pictures from Signal Mountain. I will show you some equally awesome 'little' pictures of the area in the next post.

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