Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free Falling

It is hard to photograph any waterfalls and get a true interpretation of the power, sound, enormity, and awesomeness of the tons of water falling down into the canyon and splashing back up into sprays of often rainbowed showers. These shots of the South Rim, Artist Point, and different perspectives of the falls gives a good feeling of the broad, steep and long action of the falls.

There was a time not too long ago that I never would have been in these positions leaning over railing to get these shots. But I have been delivered of much of my fear of heights. I don't stand in stupid or dangerous places, but am able to get much closer to deep drops than I used to be able to tolerate.

There is much joy in taking a risk and jumping into the arms of my Heavenly Father. It gives me the prize of freedom from fear. I have found lately that I need that deliverance again from my fear of the future in some situations. Future events are appearing real and pretty darn scary. So I am jumping again this morning into the secure embrace of Jesus. I feel safe there. My earthly father was not a safe person, so when others threaten my safety I need to engage my leap of faith that God is in control. He is my safe passage through whatever happens.

Keeping his eyes on Jesus instead of the storm is what enabled Peter to walk on water. I am stepping out of the boat. I have gone under a few times lately with a few swipes from the storm, but I know looking into his face will help me look past circumstances and walk in freedom.

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Gwen said...

Connie, I always feel God blesses your words and work, but today I felt a special touch. There's no other way you could take the 26 letters of the alphabet and put them together in such an incredible way!
I have learned that it is important for adults who were abused as children to learn to set healthy boundaries of not accepting abusive behavior. It is also important that when you tell others about abuse you are experiencing (or have experienced) that they believe you -- however --sadly to say, you will not always be believed and the abuser may even be defended to you. All part of the cycle of abuse. Isn't it awesome that we have a Father who will never take advantage of us or abuse us OR - defend the abuser to us!!!