Thursday, July 9, 2009

Favorite Roads #2

So many times we have been thinking about what to do in an evening and remarked, "Let's go to Wilson Road." We have such fond memories of the sunrise/sunset drives through the path between Teton Village and Moose Junction just north of Jackson.

This vacation afforded us the second opportunity to visit one of our favorite roads. Little did we know (we only saw elk, deer, and a bear from far away) that we were in for such a memorable treat this time. Most of the 19 moose sightings were along its willow and wildflower covered hills. The elk camped out on the hilltops, hard to see from an enclosed car. The deer would pop up usually close to the road. The moose this time had a favorite pond that was slightly hidden from the road by the tall willow. However, a break in the cover farther down the road showed them standing in the distance reflected in the water. We saw cows, bulls, and calves there almost every time we took the road.

The road itself winds by flat grassland, river bed, deep canyon, cascading waters, and stunning wildflowers. It is one of those places I can go in my mind from start to finish around each curve. It wakes up the emotions and senses through its length as the smells, visual pleasures, and anticipations sputter into the nose, ears, eyes and land in the mind and heart. If you ever get a chance to visit Jackson, do not miss a few trips down Wilson Road. It will bless you!


And I will make all my mountains a way,
and my highways shall be exalted.
Isaiah 49:11

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