Monday, July 13, 2009

Favorite Trails #2

These photographs were taken at the panoramic overlook of Elephant Back Mountain in Yellowstone. A few times at the increasingly steep increases nearing that point I was ready to turn around, not finishing. But look what I would have missed! Other hikers coming down would encourage each hiker they met on the ascent to keep going because the prize at the top was worth the work.

The crowning panorama of Elephant Back was of Yellowstone Lake, Stevenson Island, Pelican Valley, and the Absaroka Range. The spread of glory took awhile to take in. A few young students who had procured work in the park for the summer managed a time together that morning to take the hike. They were sitting in a row at the edge of the mountaintop laughing and telling stories of what they had seen. I can tell you that their volume of enthusiasm was louder, but the appreciation in the heart could not have been greater than what we were feeling having made it to the top.

We realized later when we reread the hike guide that we had taken the harder loop to reach the top. Elements of weather also tested the perseverance of the hiker. The wind had come up and the sky was threatening a rainstorm. It was hard to keep footing along perilously narrow and steep pathways with many switchbacks. When adding the high altitude and cardio-challenging breathing and stamina, it was quite a victory to get to the summit.

So here you have the 'big' picture from the mountaintop. I will post some of the 'little' picture for you; the things along the way that kept encouraging me to stay the race.


Revelation 14:12
Let this encourage God's people to endure persecution patiently...


I was a believer of the beautiful view I would have at the end; a clear heavenly view. I was driven to carry through to completion the path I had started.

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