Monday, June 21, 2010

Come Away

This beautiful scene was one of those that elicits the following general conversation between my friend and me on our road trips through Colorado byways:
(me)"Wow! Look at that!"
(friend) "Do you want to go back?"
(me) response 1, "No, go on."
(me) response #2, "Yes!"

This one was a "Yes!".

We were headed out of Aspen gaining altitude as we neared the narrowly carved roads of Independence Pass. We were still in the marshy green area just outside of town. We curved around a beautiful home that had a lake to its side. The fence came into view, and soon after I noticed the bright red canoe resting in front of it. The ethereal quality of the place seemed like it froze us outside of time. It was one of those vistas that hit me in the spirit and stirred up my soul. It deeply moved me, and God would reveal later what He wanted to show me. All I knew at the time is that I wanted to stay for awhile. The vista drew me in to quench my tired mind and body with God's peace.

A few things that really help me rest when I go to Colorado are no television and radio, a shut down of most news, and lots of quiet time to read other things. We talk and laugh, and I get to minister to my friends with some cooking and massage. I melt into the mountain life as I watch the birds squirrels, deer, elk, and foxes close to the cabin. I have the freedom to go hike and take photos in a beautiful place. I give myself the gift of solitude and long talks with Jesus.

As I have often returned to these two photos I have come to understand that it speaks to me about being a 'fisher' of women and men. Even as we are called to tell the story of Jesus, we are also called to rest so that we can be filled again to go and tell the good news. Jesus preached to the crowds, then slipped away to be with the Father. The 'coming away' is important to being restored and revived so we can joyfully carry the message of love and grace. Must be a good plan if Jesus did it.


Come away to a deserted place
all by yourselves and rest awhile.
Mark 6:31

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