Sunday, June 20, 2010

Divine Shadows

One of the most expansive areas we visited on our last trip was the Curecanti National Recreation Area. Headed west out of Gunnison we entered the enchanting Blue Mesa Reservoir. Each turn brought forth deep appreciation for the color blends our eyes were taking in. We passed the Dillon Pinnacles as their huge red columnar formations relented to a change in color due to a soft, gigantic cloud soaring overhead that blocked the sun for a few seconds.

The ever-changing blues are due partly to the time of day and very much to the clouds floating overhead, casting their own personality into the watery blend of azure palette. The waters at the beach changed like pages turning as the sun and clouds danced overhead to play like painters with the canvas below.

The most simple, yet amazing thing that struck me was the grand movement of clouds in just a few seconds; and what an effect that had on the mountains and lakes. I had seen such scenarios from airplanes as huge clouds cast their shadows on the terrain below. But today I was seeing a grand play as a cloud would swoop in and in a few seconds cover a whole mountain and be on its way to another. I was overcome by God's GRANDNESS, HOW BIG HE REALLY IS, AND HOW HE COVERS US WITH THE SHADOWS OF HIS WINGS. As I saw how He covered a whole mountain with one cloud in an instant on one day on one planet in one solar system of the world He created, well He seemed pretty in charge of the big stuff and the little details as well.

Sometimes when my eyes get glimpses of how great He really is I shudder to think what my real home is going to be like. I am so glad, while I am an alien in a strange land, that He casts the divine shadow of His wing over me. Such grandeur in little sips makes me yearn for my home up above. Aren't you glad He gives us glimpses of Himself in nature that sustain us until our race is done?


How precious is your steadfast love, O God!
All people may take refuge
in the shadow of your wings.
Psalm 36:7

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