Saturday, June 12, 2010

Going Home

I have that feeling of "going home" both ways on the semi-annual trips to Evergreen. I am leaving Texas and my loved ones to go to the cool mountains and less traveled roads. Both places hold the title of 'home' to me. Until I go to my room up above in the place prepared for me, I will be grateful that I can call these two earthly places 'home'.

On the drive home from DIA I become watchful for wildlife and the first signs of mountain peaks. The most anticipated view is driving the curves around the lake that take us up to the cabin off of Buffalo Creek Rd. I know I am about to see Mt. Evans in all of its glory from the top of the hill. I will see THE FENCE that I walk at least twice a day while I am there. I will certainly see fox, deer, elk, cyclists, and hikers. I will see wildflowers and aspen in their seasonal glory. I will see and hear tons of birds: hummers, woodpeckers, crows, bluebirds, jays, beebs, barn swallows.

The thing about seeing the fence as we approach the drive is that it shouts 'home'. It brings anticipation of rest, lovely shared food, giggles, and sweet crazy adventures. I treasure this beautiful second home where I have much simple treasure and happiness. It revives and nourishes my spirit. I am very blessed to be 'at home' when I am away from 'home'. It is amazing as well to return to Dallas to be met by the man of my dreams. My treasures as I arrive at each home are sweet, indeed!


Our sweetest experiences of affection are meant to point us to that realm which is the real and endless home of the heart.
Henry Ward Beecher.

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