Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On the Wild Side

I have just returned from my 'other' home in Evergreen, CO. Dale and Lessy are gracious to let me call it as home. I have taken two trips each year to go spend time with them and the rest of the creatures on the wild side. Lessy drives me around for a few days as we wander and wonder to show up for the divine appointments.

I have come to know many animals that frequent the mountain, meadow, and town of Evergreen by their faces. The little red fox that stopped in the meadow as I talked to him is surely of the line of Sparky. The mule deer with her endearing crazy ears is 'Little' Flock. I first saw her several years ago, during my first visit to the mountain home. She now brings her daughter and granddeer to the cabin. I feel extremely blessed to be trusted by them.

The elk and young buck were right in Evergreen. They are in strong migratory routes, and are used to people. Their ancestors traveled these routes long before the town of Evergreen was established. Yet, my heart becomes very tender to each animal as I speak blessings over them. I couldn't help but be pleased with the young buck's beauty as his nubs were turning into velvety racks. Yet his youth was striking as he munched on the dandelion and stopped to look at me without fear. Many of the elk cows were pregnant, and close to giving birth. Perhaps I will see them again and recognize their faces as ones I have spoken to before.

During each trip, as I spot a familiar face and rekindle a relationship, I am overcome with love for them and for God.
I think about how God has formed each of us in the womb, and knows us by name. Pretty awesome and personal God to specifically make each of us for a unique loving relationship with Him, don't you think?

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