Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Abundant Life

What a wonderful 59th birthday I had today! It started out with breakfast with my two girls, son-in-law, and two grandchildren. A wonderful plate of hash browns, two eggs, and FIVE slices of BACON... now really how good is that? Then I went to do some errands before getting a MASSAGE. I returned home to do some work on Easter banners for church. Then I showered and got ready for my birthday dinner with my husband at Tillman's in Ft. Worth.

I had a wonderful honey crusted salmon steak sitting in an unbelievable LAVENDER sauce. Skipped the hors d'oeuvre so we could indulge in the table side S'mores. These are the 'BAM' version of campfire sammies. The marshmallows are GIANT, in flavors of coffee, maple, and orange. We toasted them, put them on a homemade graham cracker (I brought my own GF version), and topped with a slab of dark chocolate, followed with another graham cracker. It was a spectacular meal from start to finish.

Before the main course was delivered my husband handed me a note. It was telling me that I was getting my OWN skis delivered tomorrow. I can tell you that it is not as important to get stuff as it is to be appreciated and spend time together. The skis were a representation of promise of fun times ahead with my husband and ski friends. The breakfast was yummy, but the time my kids gave me was precious. I had abundant life and love conveyed to me today and received the message that I was precious to my family.

I sort of think it is the same way with God and His kids. We can give him all kinds of stuff and money. But I think the most important thing, what He made us for, is relationship. He desires that we spend time with Him. Love God and one another. It is the very core of abundant life; not how much stuff or money we have. Abundant life is about the condition of our hearts. God sees the heart of each one of us. How do we respond? Ask Him to move in.

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Mona said...

Happy, happy birthday, Connie, you young thing, you!! (spoken by one who will turn 61 in a few weeks) I'm glad you had such a wonderful celebration. You certainly are blessed abundantly and are demonstrably fulfilled. Awesome!! Many blessings for the next year and beyond!!