Thursday, March 31, 2011

See what?

Sometimes we see something and our brain identifies the shape, but the color is wrong. We rub our eyes to refocus and see if another look might clear things up and the shape/color will match what we expect. It just can't be what I know that it is, because it does not fit in the box. That's what I thought when I saw this plant and knew it was a bluebonnet. Not just any lupine, but a BLUEBONNET, except that it was CRIMSON. I had seen bluebonnets in deep to light blue, white, yellow, and light lavender. But this one blew my mind. Right shape, wrong color. It was identified as an A & M crimson bluebonnet. Isn't it beautiful?

Sometimes we have to update our image of a thing or a person, including ourselves. Our judgments or expectations hold to what has been in the past, and do not allow a new definition to come forth. We keep ourselves or someone else stuck in an old definition. We don't try because we think we will fail. We don't start because we think we cannot finish. We don't go because it is scary. We don't pray because we have decided God doesn't hear us. We don't grow because our box is just fine, thank you very much.

In this past year I persevered in going snow skiing a few more times. Something clicked with my skills and I got into the joy zone. I got my own pair of skis for my birthday to go with my own boots. Making progress at 59 in such an endeavor is a gift from God. I cooperated: I went to the slopes and put on the skis. I kept at it. It reminds me that I can still get better at skiing and I can still pursue making progress at other things as well. I intend to lean into that river of life. I want abundant life; to live and give abundantly.

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