Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ever notice how our time line is not the same as God's? Either things are not in order or on time according to our schedule. Making a plan is a good thing. But make it loosely or lose your mind. Expectations can throw you for a loop. We do not get the blessings of taking it easy and getting surprised in a good way if we become too rigid. I have noticed that the expected order of appearance of wildflowers has been topsy-turvy this spring. The first sighted by me this spring was an Indian Blanket; usually showing at the later stages. I typically see Indian paintbrush first and then bluebonnets. Pink primrose and verbena show, with many yellow wildflowers, and then the blankets.

I also went through the same color dilemma with the varieties of paintbrush as I did the bluebonnets coming in different colors. These photos are both of paintbrush varieties. I have seen paintbrush in coral, white, yellow, red, purple, and fuschia, Don't even start on what colors black bears come in. It can't be a black bear if it is brown or honey colored. It must be a grizzly. That is for another day. So many lessons in nature!

I am delighted to find a fuschia paintbrush, as well as a crimson bluebonnet. It stirs the expectancy in me to watch closely to catch when God might swirl His paintbrush in a new color on an old idea.

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Mona said...

Indian paintbrush is my favorite, even more so than bluebonnets. So pretty!

Hey, where do you think a good halfway lunch place might be between you, Karen, and me? As soon as I get my kids off to Kanakuk for the summer, we're going to make it happen! How far is Keller from you guys? Grapevine? Old Downtown Grapevine is great fun, and it has delightful lunch places. I'm not sure exactly where you live, but I think it's pretty far from here, right?