Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beautiful Faces

My day was filled with beautiful faces. Some were the faces of flowers turning towards the sun. Some were of stuffed toys that were sitting a spell to get out of the blustery spring wind. The scent of the bluebonnets enticed them to spend more time just enjoying the beauty of the blooming field. The best beautiful face was of a babe new to the Earth, not yet two months. I got to spend the day taking care of her.

These beautiful faces are all but shadows to the thrill of seeing my Lord, Jesus, face to face some day. The flowers will fade, the stitched toys will soil and deteriorate, and we all will pass away as grass. Yet, eternity awaits us. He has given me such beauty to behold in my life, and I am blessed to be able to seek His beauty in His creation now in this earthly body. Sometimes I can hardly contain the joy. I seek His face, and to dwell in His place. As the song says, "I can only imagine!"


Liz said...

LOL Aren't you clever !!

Connie said...

That's the nicest thing anybody said about me all day! lol

Mona said...

Soooooo lovely! The baby is just adorable. She reminds me very much of our Etta, 3 months old yesterday. Someday I'll have to get information on your camera. My older daughter is a photographer, and she could definitely use some better equipment. Hope you're having a spectacular day, Connie!!!