Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Color me Joyful

My artistic eye is always drawn to color, so when wildflower season is upon us in Texas I am quite giddy. I know, before close enough to identify the flower by size, shape, or smell, I can tell you what it is by its color. The periwinkle/blue/turquoise jewel tone colors are my personal faves in my own wardrobe, but I look horrible in bright yellow or orange. However, show me a field dressed in giant yellow sunflowers or thick with Indian paintbrush and I nearly fall to my knees with excitement as my heart praises my creator. I am crazy about whatever color God splashes onto the earth in flowers.

There is much to be thankful for each day. Today I am so grateful for all the beautiful colors God put into His creation; especially the joyful palettes of wildflowers!


Liz said...

Lovin' all your flower pictures, Connie. What a wonderful world our Lord has made !!

David Morris said...