Friday, April 15, 2011

Pink Primrose

The pink primrose has been one of the stunning performers in the wildflower show this spring. I was shocked to find a front yard in a neighborhood this morning that was full of them. The first and last photos were taken of that yard. It was obviously a home no longer or never under the constraints of the cranky HOA (Home Owners' Association.) A carpet of 'weeds' would get one a nasty fine for such a purposeful planting of what would be considered a weed.

The prettiest patches have been in some other unexpected places as well. The little lavender poodle found herself a pretty place to rest just off a parking lot on a busy street right in the midst of many stores. The most lavish and varied tufts of pink were found on an embankment of the freeway not far from us. I managed to find a safe place to pull off in order to get a quick shot of the varied shades of pink patches of pretty primrose. Say that ten times fast!

Pale pink, hot pink, coral pink, fuchsia pink; all good. My grand daughters concur. Their mothers; not so much. But they are resigned to make peace with the color because they have girls that seem to like hot pink as much as their gram.

Even if you don't like pink, give a long look at a patch of primrose the next time you pass one and look at the amazing veins, shapes of the leaves, yellow centers; and realize they are masterpieces. Then think of how God knitted each one of you together in your mother's womb. Amazing Creator!

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Mona said...

I like wine cups, too, but they're hard to find. Are the pink primrose where evening primrose oil comes from?