Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunnies in Blooms

I must admit great frustration at trying to find religious cards for Easter, even in Christian stores. They were far outnumbered by bunnies, chicks, and chocolate themes. But the true meaning of the holiday has often been overshadowed by the commercial boon to the economy in sales of gifts, candy, decorations and cards.

Having said all that, I also know that the meaning of Easter comes down to one word: LOVE. I have been getting the eggs filled for the Easter egg hunt for my grand children. It will be a joyful time to watch them find and count their eggs, eat a traditional meal together, love each other up, and celebrate the risen Christ.

I have been spending lots of time in the wildflowers and occasionally let the 'kids' out of the bag to play in the blooms. It gives a focal point to the flowers, a perspective on their size, and makes me smile. I am about spreading the hope and joy of the Lord through my blog. So forgive the bunnies and chicks in the flowers if you think they have strayed too far from the true meaning of Easter. I want to spread lots of smiles and a little joy of the Lord. It is our strength, and how we need it! Not much carries a more loving message to others than a laughing, smiling, cheerful Christian with contagiously joyful fruit of the spirit. SO SMILE and carry the message of LOVE so that they might know the LORD!

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