Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blessings Raining Down

A rainy day on vacation in a new place affords photographic opportunities otherwise not available on a sunny day. The showers we experienced at Niagara Falls, and later on while hiking trails at Algonquin provided opportunities to see beads of water on leaves, walkways, leaves, shiny moss; and a wonderful rainbow spanning the Falls. The heady scents in the forest as it became even more verdant with rain made me take deep breaths of the awesome aromas from boughs and flowers along the pathways.

Many times showers bring us abundant crops and blessings. We must have the rain for the harvest. The Lord knows how to pour out blessings and quench our thirst with His generous water of life. So when it rains I look for the water droplet on a flower petal and the rainbow that may follow the showers. His abundance of love poured out on us is extravagant; beyond what we can imagine.

Often, when it has not rained for awhile, I find myself going outside to just let a rainfall drench me into a fit of giggles. Often, rainfall is accompanied by lightning and thunder in the spring storms of Texas, so I try to constrain myself to staying inside when clouds are swirling and lighting is popping everywhere. (I can just hear my husband saying, "Yeah, right!") I really do have the 'constraint' gene, though it is not well developed. A stormy sky is one of my weaknesses, I confess! And standing in a gentle rain is one of my delights. Hiking in the rain in Canada will be a very special memory.


See if I don't open up heaven itself to you
and pour out blessings
beyond your wildest dreams.
Malachi 3:10

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