Tuesday, July 5, 2011


One of the first wildflowers we noticed in abundance upon entering Canada was blueweed. At first glance I figured it to be part of the lupine family similar to the bluebonnets in Texas. Then I changed my mind and thought perhaps it was a type of pentstemon. When I got to look at a spire closely I realized it was something I had not seen before. I was able to identify it from a wildflower book at a store in the Algonquin Provincial Park.

The blueweed was stunning in a grouping by itself, but stood tall and in contrast often in patches of pink clover or ox eye daisies. In a field by itself lending a wonderful blue stripe to the panorama of trees and field, it took my breath away. It was exciting to find a new wildflower. I actually found a few more on this trip that I had not seen previously. Opening my eyes to the blessings of tiny things is as exciting as watching the tons of water flow at Niagara Falls. It is good to be able to be present in the present, no matter the size of its package. This was a delightful one to open, and see repeatedly in the landscapes as we continued on through the countryside of Ontario.

If God cares so wonderfully for flowers
that are here today and gone tomorrow,
won't he more surely care for you?
Matthew 6:30

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