Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thousand Islands Boat Cruise

The next place we headed to after Niagara Falls was Gananoque to take the boat cruise through the Thousand Islands. There are actually over 1800 islands in the area. We enjoyed seeing the boats, water birds, and the extremes homes found on the islands.

One island held the Boldt Castle. It is now owned by the U.S. Government. Some of the tour boats there to allow people off the boats to take tours of the grounds.

Just as impressive to me as the extravagant homes was the island with a single tree, and the several islands that were home to just one quaint private residence. A few islands were housing lighthouses along with throngs of waterbirds. There was always something new to see around each corner as a new group of islands came into view. The boat wasn't crowded and it was very relaxing to be out on the water without having to maneuver the boat.


Let him reign from sea to sea,
and from the Euphrates River
to the ends of the earth.
Psalm 72:8
I will do some postings of birds and boats of the Thousand Islands to follow this one.


Mona said...

Love your recent blog posts, Connie! Boy, did the St. Lawrence River pictures spark my memory. A cousin of my mother had a summer place on Alexandria Bay, and we used to spend many carefree, lovely summer weeks there when we were kids and teens. Boldt Castle was a staple on every ski boat ride. You know the story behind the castle, right? If not, you must Google it. Tragic. It's a NY State park now, I think. I'd forgotten how gorgeous the 1,000 Islands area is!!

Connie said...
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Connie said...

Yes, the boat captain told us the story of the castle. Heart wrenching. I also wondered because of the 'Thousand Island" if that was where the salad dressing name originated. It was!

Mark Brown said...

I can't imagine a vacation without a boat. The boat ride made the experience more exciting. You get the chance to see the beauty of nature, as well as the magnificent constructions built around. There is something in the waters that sends a different kind of feeling, and makes you feel blessed. :)