Wednesday, July 6, 2011

God's Timing

When we decided to go to Ontario for vacation I started to do research. We had wonderful experiences in western provinces of Canada, so I focused on provincial parks in Ontario along a route to intersect visiting our friends in Thornbury for a few days. When I came upon the huge Algonquin Provincial Park I was delighted to read their almost guarantee to see moose right alongside the Queen's Hwy 60 going through the park.

Our first day at Algonquin was a bust as far as seeing moose. The lakes, beaver dams, wildflowers, and trails and mosquitoes were numerous. However, it was rainy off and on, and we got pretty soggy, muddy, and a little chilly out on the trails. The rain did not seem to stop the mosquitoes. I had on bug repellent, but still managed to get bitten in my left eyelid twice!

The second morning we decided to go all the way to the eastern gate and work our way back through the park to take roads and hikes we wanted to see again, plus go down a few we had passed the day before. We saw a moose way off in the distance. I was a little disappointed, but when I later started to feel my heart quiet and fill with gratitude for all that we had experienced, it was only a few minutes later that the moose appeared right in the ditch at the side of the road!

When we left the west gate and returned to our room at Algonquin Bound, Jason encouraged us to go back into the park. He was sure we would see more moose because the sun had come out and they would be near the road. Eric graciously agreed to drive back into the park for a short distance. Within fifteen minutes we saw two other moose.


So many times I feel driven to attain a certain goal or see a certain thing. I find that if I will trust God's timing and wait upon Him, I will be truly blessed. I may not get the exact thing that I wanted, but usually the things I do receive exceed that for which I asked. I don't think God responds to manipulation or formulas for moving him. I think what gets his attention is when a human heart truly surrenders its will to follow His will instead. Listening and watching through my photography has brought me more growth in patience, gratitude, and understanding in what He directs me to see and do.


Listen for GOD'S voice in everything you do,
everywhere you go.
Proverbs 3:6

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