Sunday, July 10, 2011


One of the ideas to which we have become very fond is to not get lodging reservations for a trip unless it is the first night. We don't want to stay longer in an area if we feel like we need to get on down the road; or we decide we want to stay longer in a place than we might have planned. We have not had to spend a night in the car yet, so it seems to be working for us. Given that we were in moose and bear country it is a good thing!

Our first night, as we were close to Niagara Falls, we just stayed in a Comfort Inn close by. We enjoyed the Falls, and got on the way to the 1,000 Islands area, which had been recommended by our friends in Thornbury. The drive was very relaxing except for the ride through Toronto, which went on forever. Living in a huge metroplex in Texas, I was ready to get out in the country away from bad traffic and many people.

As the sun lowered in the sky and the road narrowed into small towns and farmland, I saw a vacancy sign on the side of a barn. We figured a two bedroom cabin at the side of the St. Lawrence River in the heart of the 1000 islands was not going to be easy to find. We spoke to the owner and got a cabin (very rare as fishermen come worldwide to stay there weeks at a time) for the night. It was an ethereal time to be set apart.

The owner saw my camera and told me to make sure to get a picture of the blue heron that fishes from the boat dock. She had shared how they had five the previous year, but they migrated during winter to a place with oil spill, and only two came back. I certainly wanted to find him, and he turned out to be very accommodating.

The sunset, sunrise, water, heron, stillness, and seclusion were all a wonderful way to settle in to a very relaxing vacation. I felt like we had been led to a hidden treasure. The God joke was that the woman who rented us the cabin had the same first and last name as one of my friends at church. That put a big smile on my face as I thanked him for his provision.


You are safe in the care of the Lord your God,
secure in his treasure pouch.
1 Samuel 25:29

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