Monday, July 11, 2011

Fields of Gold

One of the repeated scenes that made my heart leap is when I could see a field of rapeseed coming on the horizon. I first saw a field of it on a trip to Idaho. It is so cheery that you cannot help but take a big breath and break into a smile.

The fields were often speckled with yellow wildflowers as well, and were great color treats as they surrounded barns. The barns and farms were, for the most part, very well taken care of. We RARELY saw junky yards in town or country.

It was especially nice to see a Canadian flag flying in front of a field of gold. Since Canada Day was July 1st, there were Canadian flags everywhere. We saw them on horses, barns, heads, cars, shirts, fences, farm animals (a teaser for a future post of the Canada Day parade we witnessed in Thornbury.


Let the fields rejoice, and everything in them!
1 Chron. 16:32b

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