Thursday, July 14, 2011

Watching and Waiting

One of our favorite places on this trip was in Algonquin Park at Canisbay Lake. Eric was content to sit by the water as I took a stroll to see what visitors might be on the wildflowers along the paths. It was refreshing to both of us to just be quiet and alone, relishing in the refreshing presence of God.

I have found a helpful tip about photographing butterflies and bees on flowers is to be patient and study where they often return. Focus on that blossom and take the picture when they land on it! I have gotten pictures of red dragonflies this way. They are so fast that it is hard to catch them still but for a moment. A moment is all you need! But the patience required to wait for the moment? That is a gift of the spirit that comes with much willingness to wait. In the waiting there was a time spent in prayer and praise. Quietly watching and waiting have great rewards!


I'm in the very presence of God...oh, how refreshing it is!
Ps. 73:28

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