Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I found a half dozen wildflowers on this trip that I had not seen before. When I first came upon the tall stalks with tiny red buds I had no idea what they were. When I saw clusters later that had partially opened I was able to identify them from a wildflower book at one of the visitor centers. The hawkweed was prevalent all over Ontario, but especially along roadways and next to lakes. I found a small yellow flower with the orange ones, and found that it was hawkweed as well.

One of my husband's favorite places to sit by the water was also one of mine as well. It was at a lake at the end of one of the trails at Algonquin Park. I took a walk and found lots of butterflies and dragonflies enjoying the hawkweed. Getting a photograph of a flower as well as a bee/butterfly, or other visitor is a double blessing. I will save some of those pictures for the next post.


If God cares so wonderfully
for flowers that are here today
and gone tomorrow,
won't he more surely
care for you?
Matt. 6:30


Mona said...

So pretty! Hawkweed before it blooms looks a little like Indian Paintbrush--my favorite! Love all these pics and travelog, Connie! Thanks for sharing a wonderful trip.

Connie said...

My pleasure! Wish I was back on those cool trails right now, even with the mosquitoes!