Thursday, July 14, 2011

Canadian Barns

I have always loved seeing barns as I travel through country sides. When I see one in the distance on road trips I sort of think of it as a nostalgic treasure. I have asked myself why they intrigue me. I think it is because I used to go hide out in the hay mount to teach myself chords and sing with those great acoustics! I would sometimes take my guitar out into the pasture, but that flatland of Nebraska makes you too easy to see even from a great distance.

I think, spiritually, barns represent a place to keep the harvest. Also, it meant shelter sometimes for livestock. Shelter and safety were some issues for me growing up. I wonder, when I see old barns what stories they hold.

I found the Canadian barns, even though they might be falling down, were pristine and not surrounded by junk. I seldom saw a junky yard in town or country. When I saw a barn coming into view II would try to focus without having to stop the car, so many shots were deleted that were blurred as we flew down the road. But I must say in fairness, I did ask the driver to slow down many times; and he was quite willing, if it was possible, to turn around for me to get a shot of a really cool barn.


I rejoice at Your word
As one who finds great treasure.
Ps. 119:162

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