Monday, February 21, 2011

and the answer is...

I have been trying to get a good picture of these bighorn sheep for years. They hang out around Georgetown and Idaho Springs in Colorado. I scan the cliffs that look over Georgetown as we pass by on I-70. I have seen them there but there is not a place to stop and get a picture. Usually they are very high up on the jagged crevices of the cliffs, and would not show up well even if using a zoom lens.

The last time we travelled to Colorado we took a drive up north of Idaho Springs to check out Winter Park. On the way back we turned the corner to see a woman with a camera looking at something fairly close. I could see the object of her focus: bighorn sheep right next to the road! I could still get a great close up without disturbing her. I not only got one of the desires of my heart, but could hardly have posed them better!


We all have dreams, aspirations, desires of our hearts. God puts that nature in us. But sometimes when we yearn and ask for something and it does not come in our time we assume the answer is "no". Other times we think we did not get the thing or relationship because we were not worthy. We may get a washing of guilt in being told that we did not believe enough. Or, perhaps, there are more things we need to do to be ready to receive that thing. Sometimes our asking becomes demanding, like God is Santa Claus on retainer to make everything we want appear under the tree.

I know that sometimes, in retrospect, I have found myself grateful for NOT getting the thing I so wanted. Other times it was made clear to me that I was not ready for that thing yet, and the answer was, "WAIT!". Many times the answer was, "I have something prepared for you that is much bigger than what you ask."

God DOES answer.


When they call to me, I will answer them.
Ps. 91:15

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