Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Will you be my valentine?

"Will you be my valentine?"

I remember in grade school constructing valentine boxes out of old shoe boxes. Homemade valentines, suckers, heart candy messages, and who knows what would be distributed on Valentine's Day. It was always exciting to read the messages and hopefully get a special message from the one on whom you had a crush.

There were tons of affirmations of love in our family last night. Papaw was home from his ski trip and getting to meet Ashlyn for the first time. Lots of hugs and kisses were going around. It was a marvelous night of family. Papaw and I, seeing the bearing of much fruit, didn't mind postponing our own Valentine's dinner to tonight.

God made us for relationship. He will be asking each of us through things like a sunrise, a friend calling, a smile from a stranger, or a nudge to be the giver of smiles and hugs today, "Will you be my valentine?" He is crazy about us. He IS love. Spend some time with Him and thank Him today every time you realize He has just sent you another Valentine. My box is pretty full from last night! But I will keep my eyes and ears open to give Him praise! He is not a passing crush...His love endures forever!

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