Thursday, February 3, 2011

Driving Winds

From the chamber comes the whirlwind, the cold from the driving winds.
Job 37:9


I had a quiet and productive day in the house by myself today. I cleaned some closets, made a big batch of gluten free granola, spoke to my mother and a friend on the phone, and stayed warm except for the walk to the mailbox. I was able to revisit a few of my photos taken Tuesday morning and decided on what I was going to post next.

The weather here continues to be very cold, especially with chilling winds that numb the face and make the fingers tingle. I have been fascinated with the sculpting of ice and the evidence of cold, driving winds. The snow has been ridged by the repeating winds, making an interesting pattern along the creek. The rapid, tiny ridged waves of water drove icy layers onto rocks and grasses, forming beautiful sculptures. The driving, forceful winds blew the grasses to a stance no longer perpendicular to the ground. I caught snowflakes on my tongue.

I found myself being grateful for my senses throughout these past few days. I was remembering how the water sounded as it pelted its ridges onto the rocks and shores. I was grateful for the ability to see the tiny ice sculptures. I could remember how the driving winds felt upon my face. I was appreciative of the yellow, rusty grasses against the backdrop of snow. I could smell them as I drew cold breath into my lungs. I was in awe of the fact that I could not see the wind, but I knew it was there by the sound and the bending grasses as the currents rushed around.

As I returned from the treacherous walk on ice to the mailbox and back today, I opened the front door of my warm house to the glorious smell of the granola toasting in the oven. I relished the quiet and celebrated all the ways that God has filled up my senses these past few days. I am glad to open my heart to this beauty. It flames my faith and reminds me that God is as close as the driving winds. Even closer, He has taken residence in this rejoicing heart.

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